Faith Formation and Education

Faith Formation provides parish members with sacramental preparation and opportunites for life-long spiritual growth and education as disciples of Jesus Christ. The Committee works with the Directors of Faith Formation to plan and implement all aspects of faith formation from the earliest years to our older years. Our director of elementary & adult faith formation is Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108. Our director of middle and high school faith formation and youth groups and young adult group is Terrie Hernandez, 599-5031 x109.

  • Elementary Faith Formation: For children ages four through the fifth grade. Children are taught in a traditional classroom setting or home-study program. Emphasis is on basic foundations of our faith and sacred scripture.
  • Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108, for more information.
  • To view or download the complete FF 2016-2017 Registration Packet, which includes fees, registration form, calendar, and activity release, click here.

  • Youth Faith Formation: For youth in grades 6-12. The aim is to foster growth and continued deeper understanding of the Catholic faith through various aspects of formation, including the spiritual, intellectual and social. Emphasis is on the study and discussion of Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and church doctrine.
  • Contact Terrie Hernandez, 599-5031 x109, for more information.
  • To view or download the complete 2016-2017 FF Registration Packet, which includes info, fees, registration form, calendar, and activity release, click here.

  • Middle School and High School Youth Groups: Middle School and High School youth have the opportunity to grow in understanding what it means to be a disciple of Christ. The lessons will help establish a strong youth community while providing a mixture of Catholic catechesis and service. Parents may wonder if, in any of these programs, their teens will learn all the doctrine they need in order to understand their Catholic faith. NO teen can acquire an understanding of faith that is adequate for a Catholic adult. Ongoing adult catechesis is necessary for such an understanding. However, youth do need to know Catholic doctrine so they can begin to understand its tradition. Remember, any formal religious formation program can only supplement and support what is being taught at home.
  • Contact Terrie Hernandez, 599-5031 x109, for more information.
  • To view/download the complete 2015-2016 FF Registration Packet, click here.

  •  Totus Tuus: This week-long summer program calls upon college students and seminarians from across the United States to teach and inspire our kids. A TOTUS TUUS teacher helps to make the faith real to young people as a way of life and love not simply a set of rules and obligations. 
  • ELEMENTARY...During the week the children will have fun classroom catechesis, supervised outdoor ac-tivities, prayer, skits, songs, attend daily Mass, learn the Mass parts and liturgical songs. All this will keep your kids excited and entertained. 
  • YOUTH...Vibrant, faith-filled, college-aged teachers can effectively impact the middle and high school youth. The program includes instruction, games, small group discussions, skits, prayer, and fellowship. Middle and high school classes are separate.

R.C.I.C. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children): A program for children/youth over seven who wish to be baptized. Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108, for more information.

R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults): A spiritual journey for those 18 and older who have not been baptized, or who have been baptized in another denomination and desire full participation in the Catholic Church. Regular gatherings are held to share God's Word, experience prayer and reflection, provide service, and learn about the Catholic faith. Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108 for more information.

Adult Faith Formation: Bible Studies and other programs are held throughout the year allowing for continued growth in the knowledge and love of our Catholic faith. Please check the parish bulletin for more opportunities and information.

Adult Confirmation: These classes are for actively participating Catholic adults, 21 years of age or older, who have received the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance, and Eucharist. These classes generally begin during the Easter Season and last for eight weeks. Adult Confirmation usually takes place at St. Mary's Cathedral with the Bishop. Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108, for more information.

Welcome Back: This program is offered for those who have been away from the Catholic Church. It is designed to help people return to the sacraments and to regular church attendance. It provides an opportunity for people to ask questions about their faith and to learn about changes in the Church. These five-week sessions are offered in January and again after Easter. Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108, for more information.

Disciples on the Way (DOW): Programs and

discussions to help support a better understanding of our Catholic faith so that

we may be able to defend that faith. Please check the parish bulletin for more opportunities and information, or contact Lyn Rooney for more information, or click here to be re-directed to the Resources page and video links.

JustFaith: Responding to the world’s needs takes reflection, study, prayer and community. The JustFaith program offers all of these while challenging, changing and charging you to live as a Catholic Cristian in today’s troubled world. 

     JustFaith is an intensive education and formation program being offered at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. The program consists of weekly meetings and employs books, lectures, discussion, prayer and other learning opportunities that emphasize and enliven the Social Justice tradition of the Church.  

     Engaging in the Church’s social mission is one of the most challenging messages of our Gospel tradition. JustFaith is a process that recognizes the difficulty of the call to compassion and provides a wide range of compelling resources to communicate this tradition.  

     If you find yourself wondering how to live your faith in today’s complex world; feel called to help make a difference in the lives of others, or would like to explore more fully the key themes of Catholic Social Teaching then JustFaith is for you.  

     Click on the JustFaith tab to learn more about the program and consider joining us! 

Natural Family Planning (NFP): NFP is a scientifically-proven method that uses an awareness of women's fertility to either achieve or postpone pregnancy. It is all-natural, Church approved, and 99% effective in postponing pregnancy when used correctly. Open to all couples. For a schedule of classes, visit the NFP website.

Harvesting Our Tears (Grieving Our Loved Ones): This eight-week program is designed to help those grieving the loss of a loved one (no matter how long ago that may have been) through Scripture, prayer, and informative discussions based on our Catholic faith. The class sessions will be listed in the bulletin. Contact Jennifer Lehrman, 599-5031 x108, for more information.

Affiliated Program: Women's Story: This program, founded by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, is a monthly gathering where women share their experiences, hopes and spiritual journey. The group provides opportunities for prayer - rituals, reflections, storytelling and networking.