Just Faith

      JustFaith is a mind and heart-opening journey that invites participants to encounter the Spirit of Jesus in the lives of people who are poor and vulnerable. It seeks to provide a tapestry of learning opportunities that emphasize and enliven the Social Justice tradition of the Church. As such it helps participants to gain a better understanding the Church’s social mission while integrating personal spirituality with social commitment.

     Participants are exposed to a substantive and demanding course of study that is similar to taking an extended college course. JustFaith groups consist of small gatherings of 8-15 participants who meet weekly; it employs a lively and challenging format with books, videos, lectures, discussion and prayer. The goal is to help participants see the world locally and globally through the lens of the Gospel and Catholic Social teaching. 

      Participants develop a new level of understanding of systemic social and economic issues and see more clearly the faces and lives of people most affected by those systems. Inspired by learning and new insights, JustFaith participants develop passion and compassion and acquire tools to prepare—or reenergize—them for the work of social ministry.

     This program is flexible, but also involves a significant commitment. The program asks a lot—like the Gospel—but program graduates often call it one of the most rewarding experiences they ever had!

          Questions? Contact Gerald Gioglio, Program Facilitator, at: jerrysfo@verizon.net

justfaith Catholic: Purpose from a new perspective

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catholic social teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is central to our faith, and is based on —

and inseparable from — our understanding of human life and dignity.

These teachings are derived from the words of Christ, papal statements

and encyclicals and pastoral letters. It calls us all to work for the common

good, help build a just society, uphold the dignity of human life

and lift up the poor and vulnerable. Summarized below are the key

themes that are at the heart of our Catholic social tradition. Sign up for

JustFaith to learn more! 

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