"Social Distancing" Mass instructions

"Social Distancing" Mass Instructions - Masks are now mandatory

1. Face masks are mandatory effective 7/17/20 by Governor Polis. Click here for more information.

2. Hand sanitizers are inside the doors for your use.

3. * Limit nine people per pew. * Families may sit together. Allow 6 feet social distancing between individuals or families.

4. Our collection basket will be available at the door at the end of Mass when you are leaving.

5. For communion, follow the blue tape on the carpet. Communion should be received on the hand. If you wish to receive communion on the tongue, come to the end of the communion line to receive from Fr. Ken or a deacon only.

6. To exit church, there are three doors. Please follow the directions of the ushers.

7. The elevator should be used by one family or individual at a time.

NOTE: The parish office will observe the diocesan policy regarding closures.
When District 20 is closed, the parish office and all activities will close as well.
*Mass will be offered regardless of weather.