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  • Altar Servers

    Servers assist the Presider during Mass. Anyone who has received first Communion is welcome to serve. All servers must fill out a Minor Volunteer Parental Consent Form. To view or print form, click here.  For more information about becoming an Altar Server, contact Peter Zimmer, 719-559-2834.

  • Altar Society

    Members launder, iron, and do basic maintenance on the linens and vestments used during the liturgy. For more information, contact Marda Doan, 719-598-2062.

  • Audio Visual and Livestreaming

    Ministries that provide sound and visual media support that encourage participation during Mass and other ceremonies. Audio Visual Ministry consists of controlling the slides that project on two large screens in church.  Livestreaming Ministry consists of controlling the equipment used in recording the Mass (one Mass recorded each weekend). For more information, contact Mark Bauman, 719-599-5031 x104, or

  • Environment

    This group prepares the worship space to focus our awareness on the liturgical seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ordinary Time) and feasts. For more information or to join the team, contact Becky Davis, 719-339-5821

  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMoHC)

    Distributes Christ's body and blood to the assembly. Mandated by the bishop for a three year period.  For more information, contact Donna Carr, 719-590-7015.

  • Lectors/Proclaimers

    Proclaim the Word of God at Mass and other liturgical services. Mandated by the pastor for a two year period.  For more information, contact Fran Pitaro, 719-375-5018.

  • Music

    Instrumentalists and vocalists are invited and encouraged to participate in weekend, holiday, youth, and children's choirs to lead the congregation in singing. Choirs sing at the Saturday 5:00 p.m. Mass, and on the Sunday Masses at 8:30 a.m., 10:30, a.m., and 5:30 p.m. Contact the Liturgical Music Director, Mark Bauman, at 719-599-5031 x104, or for more information.

  • Sacristans

    Sacristans prepare the articles needed for the celebration of Mass, such as the hosts, wine, chalices, etc. Mandated by the pastor for a two year period. For more information, contact Donna Carr, 719-590-7015

  • Ushers

    Ushers welcome the assembly gathering for the liturgy. They assist before, during, and after with the practical elements of coming together as God's people. Mandated by the pastor for a two year period. For more information, contact Dominic Fontem, 719-600-1700. 

  • Wedding Hospitality

    Wedding Hospitality: Aids in the coordination of the wedding ceremony. They familiarize the wedding party with the church facilities, assist at the rehearsal, and are present before and after the ceremony to finalize details. For more information, contact Ginny Schene, 719-310-7967.


The Liturgy Committee is responsible for the liturgical life of the parish including the planning for the liturgical seasons, coordination of the various liturgical ministries, and ongoing formation of the ministers.

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  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Disclosure and Authorization Form:  For all of those interested in a ministry that requires a background investigation be done prior to serving, please download the FCRA forms.  Fill out and return pages 1 and 2 to the St. Francis Business Office (Room 104) either by mail, drop off, or place in a sealed marked envelope in the weekly offertory.  Keep pages 3-5 for your records.  To download the FCRA forms, click here