Pastoral care

BeFriender Ministry (Rufina Butler, or 260-0323; or Fr. Ken, or 599-5031 ext. 101)

     BeFriender Ministry is a lay pastoral care program. Trained BeFrienders enter into caring relationships with those in need of pastoral care, providing emotional and spiritual support to people in difficult and transitional situations, such as illness, loneliness, or loss of a loved one. The Principles of BeFriender Ministry are: God is Present; Caring, Not Curing; Nonjudgmental Presence; and Active Listening.

     BeFriender Ministers embody the caring presence of God and of the community and serve as a living reminder of God’s love. They are trained to provide a listening presence to others, not to be experts in whatever situation they might encounter. The core concepts and skills learned enable a     BeFriender to enter into any situation and provide compassionate, empathic care. BeFrienders can be called upon in crisis situations just as they would be in non-crisis situations. Whatever the circumstances of the person being befriended, a BeFriender can be a companion. BeFrienders accept people as they are without telling them how they should be, listen with compassion without giving advice, and allow others to make their own decisions without trying to decide for them. By providing spiritual and emotional care, BeFrienders provide an opportunity for those they befriend to make choices and to grow.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound (John and Jacquie Klaczkiewcz, 260-9621)

     Distributes Holy Communion to the sick and homebound. Call to set up a scheduled visit.

Funeral Meal Ministry (Theresa Staffan, 937-830-1408)

     The purpose of the Committee is to ease the burden of grief of the deceased one’s family and friends with a meal provided in St. Francis Hall after the Funeral Mass. Volunteers are needed to set up, serve meals, clean up afterwards and provide desserts and salads.

Prayer Request Line (Karen Hutcheson, 598-0758 or

     A service for parishioners experiencing hardship such as a serious illness, accident, or family member or friend in peril.

St. Clare’s Quilt Circle (Janice Siegle)

     Quilters join together once a week to learn, share, and socialize as they stitch prayer shawls (quilts) for parishioners who need extra TLP (tender loving prayer). Funds for fabrics and supplies are raised from donations for their Opportunity Quilts in August and from the sales of homemade items from their Quilter's Boutique in December.